Quality Sleep with Superb Mattress

Quality Sleep with Superb Mattress

Comfort mattress for everyone

Everybody need time to sleep and the quality of sleep most of the time depend on the bed you use. Each person has their different body size, type and weight, which make the bed become personal. Sometime the heat off rate from body during sleeping is also count. In this article, we will review in detail about mattress quality and how to choose the best one for you.


Check the materials of what your mattress bed made of. For example, aireloom mattress product using natural fibers in soft and tender form, make the inside mattress has a good quality to support your body heat. Some of mattress coated of silk fabrics withnatural foam inside the construction.

Mattress materials contains of wools, varieties of cotton or latex. Combinations of regular foam and memory foam could also be an option. Memory foam can come back to its original condition, and it is good to distribute your weight evenly. You can choose your preference mattress construction in aireloom mattress category that suits your needs. Wool, cotton and latex may give different response to your body weight and heat. It would be good if you consult and find more information before you buy.


There is different size of mattress from a kid size into parent size, all meet international standard. Certain model even has larger size than average king size of 7×7 feet wide. This size is specially intended to customer who would like to prefer to have a very sophisticated bed quality. Mattress size should also accommodate your room size. You have to ensure that your room size meet with your expected mattress size.

Weight and Firmness

Variety and firmness of mattress depend on size and type. King size is off course heavier than the smaller one. Material used contributes to overall mattress weight. After years of use, mattress sagging may occur, so you have to rotate it frequently to prevent sagging. Therefore if your mattress is quite heavy then it might be difficult for you to rotate it. Heavier mattress sometimes difficult to move or transport, it could give trouble if you have to move your house frequently.


In the end, price is something important to consider. High luxury mattress might have $4000 to beyond $20,000. The price is depend on material, construction, size, type and firmness. Each mattress unit has warranty program for 10, 20, and 25 years, and the unit price sometime already included this warranty price in overall.