disposal of electronic waste in Singapore

SAMS Solutions to Go Green in Singapore

Electronic Waste Disposal

You might have heard plastic recycling, garbage recycling, etc. But do you know Electronic Recycling? Ye, we are talking about the waste electronic gadgets which are hazardous and become one of the global problem challenging individual and corporations. This resulted  in the inception of several companies like SAM in Singapore which is an electronic recycling company that started offering their services for the disposal of electronic waste in Singapore for the safety of citizens. This lead SAM to start environmental friendly secure electronics recycling programs that are cost-efficient to minimize the waste and zeroed the land filing and waterway through in-house practices and proper management of downstream vendors.

Key Takeaways of SAM’s Electronic Waste Recycling Programs:

As said with the rise of electronic waste in Singapore to protect their landfills and waterway, SAM offered best solutions for Electronic waste disposal and conducted recycling programs to zero and minimize the adverse effect of hazardous waste.

disposal of electronic waste in Singapore


SAM initiated to go green by adopting industry’s highest standards of electronic waste recycling programs with the help of their advocates who suggested the downstream vendors to collect all the desktop, laptop, mobile phones, their batteries etc in a secure manner to dispose all the electronic waste in Singapore via sorting and segregation that is helpful to avoid further contamination of the materials.

SAM also introduced the demanufacturing process that collects the raw materials from the electronic equipment and reused them to build new gadgets which reduce the overall toxicity of residual from multiple waste streams. This leads them to gain popularity as cost-effective, secure and best e-waste disposition in Singapore.


With the rise in ICT equipment in Singapore, SAM stood in front to save the environment of Singapore by sorting and segregation of electronic waste through in house practices and downstream vendors as a recycling company in Singapore. Leverage the cutting edge recycling process of SAM’s who strives to Go Green and protect your landfills and waterways from being safe and breathable from hazardous waste that enters into the atmosphere if not taken action on time.