Artificial grass has become a great source of replacement of natural grass. Many times the artificial grass finds a way with art and interior decoration. There are chances of using used artificial grass that can serve the same purpose. Often as a result of difficulties in the recycling process, artificial grass can be repurposed or reused.

Over a century the artificial turf has grown as a popular option for public spaces, sports stadium and residential customer’s home decoration. Customers can select for the artificial turf which requires no water and no maintenance. Unlike natural grass that needs maintenance. Both of the options helps the customer to save money, water and natural environment. The artificial grass has aesthetic properties also that makes it much more in demand in comparison to real grass.

Synthetic Grass

Pollution is one of the leading cause in environmental degradations, depletion of the ozone layer and causing different health hazards to a person. Today it is possible to recycle everything in order to save the environment from any further harm. If the artificial grass is recycled it can be converted into different plastic, paper or metal products. To remove the artificial grass many machines are used which slice the turf and each sliced section can be rolled into a manageable size and it gets easy to take off the roles from the field with a little of cleaning afterwards. There are many layers in an artificial turf and with the help of machines, each layer is sliced separately with the minimum disturbance caused to the layer present below it. The same membrane, sand along with padding layer can be re-used under the new layer. A new turf can be installed over the original sub-layer which saves time, environment and money.

Any sports can be conducted on an artificial grass field that brings durability. Artificial grass recyclers are currently leading the field of recycled grass.

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