Choosing a right gaming keyboard become important as it is a tool for you to instruct function in gaming activities. Not to mention about the functionality and design, best gaming keyboards also equipped with other features as combination of mouse, USB connection, and also software compatibility. This article will review list of 5 best gaming keyboard with lots of features.

  1. Redragon K55-2 KUMARA

The best feature that you can find only in here is anti-ghosting feature for all keys. Mean that it gives you a freedom to press any key in the same time. Multimedia function keys available in 12 keys enable it to switch from one multimedia function to another. Compatibility feature to adjust with either Mac or Windows operating system in simple connection make it become number one Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 dollars with high features value.

  1. HAVIT Rainbow Combo

Second best feature is HAVIT Rainbow Combo keyboard with 19 keys for anti-ghosting function which is good to enable high dynamic gaming activities. Another cool feature is having 5 keys for multimedia functions, jumps to one video to another, sings a song, simultaneously without leaving your favorite game is possible to do. Cost might be a bit less than previous option, but it is worthy to have as a second Best Gaming Keyboard  under 50 bucks for impressive gaming features.

  1. Corsair K55

As the third series, Corsair K55 has cool macro keys to customize function keys that might give a benefit for any kind of game. This customize keys could help you to do many steps in a simple way, thus will save you time and furthermore give more opportunity to win the game. There is also multimedia control keys integrated in the keyboard, located on the top right position, make it easier for you to adjust you multimedia setting. All of these cool features make Corsair K55 become the next candidate for best features gaming keyboard.

  1. BlueFinger CM200

Aside from cool cracked design, this keyboard has also cool features to enable you having 10 hotkeys to switch your multimedia function. One set consist of mouse and keyboard, with USB connection and compatibility to work on Mac and Windows operating systems. Installation is quite easy, you just need to follow the instruction and start to use it.

  1. Redragon S101

Last one is another Redragon series, with 12 keys for multimedia function. DPI pre-set value has only 3 options of 1000, 1600 up to 2000. Other cool features such as compatibility software system and easy connection are merely the same as previous keyboards reviewed. This keyboard become more exciting with combination of the mouse with black and red fancy color.