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How to buy Bit coins safely and without risk

Today we are going to explain how to buy Bit coins safely and without risk, We will also take advantage of a review of some of the main pages with which you can devote to buying crypto currency. And in  the end, we will do a quick review so you can know where you can use this currency to make your payments.

Bit coin, how to save them

Now we come to the big question: how and where are the Bit coins saved? Well, crypto currencies like Bit coin are completely virtual. To access them originally you had to use the software. This software allows us to see the balance that we have in our account and make and receive transfers.

The good thing about Bit coin is that it is an open protocol; there is much software to manage our money. There is for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, ions … I personally recommend taking it on the mobile and Android I like Android Wallet.

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However, using 1 btc to usd ¬†software has a danger. If for any reason the device is damaged or is deleted or formatted, we will lose all the money. Let’s say that with Bit coin the money is in “the Bit coin cloud” (the so-called Block chain ) and what the software saves is a copy of the key to access it. If we use the software it is convenient to make a backup copy of these keys.

Another option to take control of our Bit coin is to use a web wallet. In this way, a web page is responsible for saving our passwords and we will access our accounts with a username and password. Basically what these websites do is the function of a bank.

Coin base is a good option for this, which also allows you to buy and sell Bit coins. The only bad thing is that if we use this method we lose part of the grace of having Bit coins use a completely decentralized system without relying on trust in any entity. Nobody can seize our money without stealing the keys. On the other hand, if we have money on a website, we have to trust it.