GTA 5 Hidden Secrets

Here are the GTA 5 Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs That You Should Not Miss

The Grand Theft Auto V is simply a massive and complex game to play because of its excellent secrets and Easter eggs that will keep you on your seat for hours, to help you out uncover these exciting secrets, here are some tips that you can use.

For those who are not that familiar with GTA 5 mobile, it is a video game developed and designed by Rock Star Games and was launched in 2013 which turned into a huge success after selling 95-million copies and counting up to this day.

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However, with all those millions of enthusiastic fans and players of GTA 5 android, how many of them are aware of these hidden secrets? To take you no further, here are some of the coolest secrets and Easter Eggs of GTA 5 ios that you can enjoy playing.

  • The Bermuda Triangle– In Free GTA Online using GTA 5 apk, there is a particular triangular area in the water which makes the Paleto Bunker points, and this location of the Yachts A Series as well as the North end of the Paleto Bay. As soon as you arrived in this area while you play GTA 5 android gameplay, regardless if you are sailing or flying, you will be teleported back without your vehicle which a lot of players initially believed it was just a simple glitch or a bug especially if you play 5 on phone, but it worked a lot of times already.
  • Kanye West spotted– One of the NPCs that you can see in GTA 5 has caught the attention of some players for its very uncanny resemblance of the music icon Kanye West. A lot of players are already noticing this NPC that looks like Kanye West, who is seen strolling around Los Santos if you are using GTA 5 apk download. Of course, Kanye’s appearance in GTA 5 has not been entirely confirmed by Rockstar Games, and despite the striking resemblance of the hip-hop star who appears to be one of the NPA cannot be found in a single location, meaning he can appear anywhere especially if you get GTA 5 mobile download.
  • Jolene Cranely’s Ghost-Mount Gordo is one of the three mountains that you can climb in GTA 5, aside from Mount Josiah and Mount Chiliad in mobile GTA 5. Mount Gordo may have the smallest peak in the game, but some players took a look-see on its peak after they encountered a ghostly figure which they believe is of Jolene Cranely, a woman who was believed to be murdered by her husband by pushing her off the cliff in 1978. Jolene’s ghost frequently appears at the peak of Mount Gordo during midnights, however, when you approach the ghost, it instantly disappears even if you play the android GTA 5. You can even see the name of her husband “Jock” engraved on one of the stones at the mountain especially if you play GTA v mobile.
  • Scroll through your contact list after every mission– Whenever you finished or completed a mission, try going through your contact list in your phone and ring up anyone that you saw or talked to during that particular mission because they might have something to add like side missions or grab some rewards from them for completing the mission especially if you play GTA 5 download.
  • Your phone in-game is useful than you think it is– Aside from emergency services that are already on the phone, you can use it for a taxi service and other stuff, however, be careful though because each service that you contacted will be charged with your current money which also works with GTA v ios or GTA 5 for android.