Stages in Design Process

The Stages in Design Process You Should Keep in Mind

Whether it is your first design or your last one, it should be a creative process. Design process happens in many settings and industries. If in this case you are new, you need to familiarise yourself with the stages in the design process to get started. Here are the stages:

Analyse the situation

The first thing that you need to do is to analyse the situation. Before you begin the design, it is crucial that you sort out what problems you are trying to address. This can help you find the right software or application to help your goals.

Create a brief

If you want to present the product and the chosen software, you need to write a brief. This involves short statements giving the general outline of the problem you are trying to solve.

Investigate the problem

Sometimes when you identified a problem, it cannot be solved straight out of your head. In this case, you need to gain new knowledge, information and insight to help you write a specification. An investigation should be performed.

Write a detailed description

You should write a detailed description or specification as it can help you identify what design must be achieved. This will also help you determine the limitations, which can affect the final solution.

Work on possible solutions

With the information you gathered from the investigation, you need to think of possible design solutions. Instead of sketching several possibilities on paper, you should think of software solution that can make things more interesting, interactive and fun on your part and the stakeholders.

modeling software

You should start with the following software solutions:

1. DesignSpark Mechanical: this is a free 3D CAD (Computer-aided Design) modeling software. If you consider DesignSpark Mechanical download, you get to enjoy a solid model in a 3D environment. On top of that, you can create files for using 3D printers. The best part is it allows unlimited design changes thanks to the intuitive set of tools.

2. RPG Maker MV: if you want to create a game, you need to know how to use RPG Maker MV. Many game designers or developers consider this software because it does not need special knowledge and unique skills – you just need to have experience with scripts. Basically, the software will allow you to create a game from scratch.

3. SuperPro Designer: if you consider SuperPro Designer download, you can facilitate modeling and optimization of integrated processes from different industries like Pharmaceuticals, Pollution Control, Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment, Mineral Processing and many more. Essentially, it allows the engineers to foresee future behaviors of plant or machine. It helps solve different critical problems, which may arise during the stages of the production cycle like designing new processes and optimisation of the entire process.

Choose a preferred solution

When it comes to choosing the right solution or software, it can be a bit overwhelming. The decision should be based on the design specifications, time, cost or skills.

If you identified software and decided to purchase it, you need to ensure that it is successful. Many things can go wrong if you chose the wrong one. Ultimately, it can affect the implementation, as it may take longer than expected. When it comes to cost, it may be higher than initially anticipated. More importantly, the employees may be unhappy with the solution.

Prepare the design and plan ahead

Since you have a software solution, preparing the design is not that hard. In the past, people tend to draw the chosen design including all the details that are vital to its construction.

Now, you can create unlimited possibilities. The design software provides many advantages to organisations regardless of the size and the industry or field. When you look at it closely, the right software can streamline operations and reach new markets. Ultimately, it can automate the manual processes helping your business accelerate to newer levels.

Construct prototype

The next thing to do is to construct a prototype. In any industry or field, a prototype is usually built first and the final product will be developed from it. This will allow the designers to make the necessary changes to ensure a better product.

Testing and evaluating the design

The testing and evaluation of the design are important factors in the development of any product. Basically, it talks about a final test of the entire system. As a designer, this is the part where you prove that the model is functional according to its design. To help you, it is prudent to look back at the specifications and examine the requirements carefully.

Write a report

Finally, you need to write a report. The report should include evidence of your work in planning, designing and carrying out the work.

Things are not easy especially for beginners but when you grasp everything, you can do it right. When you are in doubt, make sure to ask questions.